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California Board of Registered Nursing CEP 12806
California EMS CEU Provider California #30-0069
Board of Dental Examiners Registration Number 2083


COVID-19 response - we are flattening the curve...

How?  Not by talking, but DOING something!

  • Reduced our class sizes to 8 to maintain 6 foot social distance
  • Converted our 24 person classroom to individual table space
  • Activated more manikins to achieve a 1:1 student to manikin/equipment ratio
  • Removed manikin clothing for easier decontamination (no more AHA track suits)
  • Suspended training on mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-mask ventillation
  • No-touch cardiac simulator with Bluetooth remote control by instructor
  • Laminated all individual written test packets and wipe down after every class
  • Suspended serving coffee, water, snacks during classes
  • Pre-fill individual name tags for students
  • Multiple hand sanitizer/hand wash stations throughout building
  • Group text all students/instructors before each class to remind them of the CDC recommendations
  • Students bring their own pen or are given a pen to keep
  • Students are not allowed to eat during the course
  • Reduce number of trash cans to limit cleaning staff exposure
  • Individual mega code testing for ACLS and PALS in separate break-out room with manikin/equipment bleach wipe down after each student
  • Bleach wipe-down all non-porous surfaces (tables, doors, door jambs, knobs, counters, chair frames, etc.) after each course, and during the course as needed
  • Utilize remote, video, and web-based training options with 1:1 scheduled skills testing to reduce in-class exposure time